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Rainbow After Rain


Lyrics: Maja Łuczenko // Music: Ferid Lakhdar & Marina Łuczenko

Lake of tears, false friends
Promises broken from the start
Punished for uniqueness,
Cheerless, bleeding heart

Wherever she goes
She’s making the best of her
She doesn’t give up
There’s so much she can give
To a greedy world

Don’t step back
'Cause somebody else might steal your dreams
No more fear, don’t give up
You’ve got to believe that you’re supreme
Like the rainbow after rain

She wears a shield and a mask
Fighting for all the wealth inside
She trusts her heart, no boundaries
Listens to her mind

Whatever she does
She does it with passion
She reminds me of myself


Belive in yourself, no more fear
Nothing will go wrong, no!
The strenght is in you
You just have to let it out

Don’t give up, your power is sleeping
Wake it up, no more fear!