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Marina Łuczenko is a vocalist, composer and actress, born on 3 July 1989 in the city of Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Two years later she moved with her parents to Poland - the homeland of her grandparents. At the age of five she won her first award at the Interschool Festival in Stalowa Wola. Three years in a row she was awarded 1st place at that festival. Then, at Marina's request her parents registered her for the International Children's Song Festival in Częstochowa in 1998 where she was awarded 2nd place, which was her first significant achievement. With hindsight, the award proved one of the most important in her life as nine-year-old Marina confirmed her belief that singing is her life, passion and destiny. Since then Marina has received 20 awards for music achievements granted in Poland and abroad. She also graduated from primary music school in the piano class.

In 1999 Marina began her adventure with acting profession which is her second great passion beside music. Marina took part in the TV programme „Szansa na Sukces” („Chance for Success”) where Hanna Banaszak was a special guest. After that event Marina was invited to the casting for the film „Ballada o Zabójcach” („Ballad about Murderers”) directed by Waldemar Krzystka. She was cast as a little girl and acted alongside eminent Polish actors - Zbigniew Zamachowski and Marian Opania. In the film she utilized her vocal skills by singing a part of Kazik's song.

A year later she won all-Poland casting for the first part of the TV programme „Droga do gwiazd” („The Way to Stars”) where she sang the song „Dziwny jest ten świat" („Strange is this World”) by Czesław Niemen.

At the age of 15 her next great dream came true. Marina won the casting for the part of Juliet in „Romeo and Juliet” musical directed by Janusz Józefowicz. Her dream role brought her to Warsaw where she performed in Buffo Theatre for two years, practising her skills and gaining experience.

Another landmark and decisive stage in Marina's life was her qualification for the „New Wave” festival (Latvia 2007) out of 7.000 candidates from 37 countries of the world. To her surprise, Marina, representing Poland, got into the very finals. She was awarded the prestigious 3rd place (prize worth 20.000 USD), received special award - a record contract from the German branch of Universal Music (which she eventually rejected due to highly restrictive contract terms) and, first and foremost, she received a special prize funded by the legend of Russian entertainment scene - Ałła Pugaczowa. Impressed by Marina's talent, Ałła Pugaczowa funded the prize worth 50.000 USD intended for Marina's further musical development.

During the final performance at „New Wave” festival, together with the remaining finalists Marina had the honour of singing with Stevie Wonder on the stage.

Shortly afterwards, TVN station invited Marina to take part in the 7th edition of „Taniec z gwiazdami” („Dance with the Stars”) 2008. Although Marina definitely did not feel like a star she gladly accepted the invitation and considered it a great honour and trust placed in her. She took part in five parts and in the sixth one she performed as a guest, singing the song „Respect” of Aretha Franklin accompanied by Szymuś Orchestra.

Another adventure with acting was her role of Amanda, singing daughter of the main character - Darek (Tomasz Karolak) in the TV series „39 i pół” („39 and a Half”) shown on TVN. She also recorded four songs for the soundtrack of the series.

Right afterwards, Marina drew attention of Maja Sablewska who became her manager and guided Marina's career for one and a half years. At that time Marina released 2 singles: Glam Pop (2010) and Pepper Mint (2010), received ESKA Music Award „Debut of the Year 2010” and got nominated for two VIVA Comet 2010 Awards - in the categories „Debut of the Year 2011” and „Image of the Year 2011”.

After the end of cooperation with her manager, Marina withdrew to the studio and recorded completely new, original material for the long-awaited debut record.Together with the producer, Rafał Malicki, Marina made her debut record as co-composer of almost all the pieces. Marina, avoiding contracts with Polish and foreign record companies, recorded her own independent material, expressing herself both in music and text layer.

Selected opinions on the album:

Piotr Turek (Music & Entertainment Services Team Manager in Polkomtel S.A.,,

The first solo album of Marina should make waves also outside Poland as it is a world standard production, coherent with market trends and supported with the outstanding looks and sensitivity of the artist. I forecast a great career of hers in the digital shops worldwide, such as, iTunes or Spotify.

Dorota Neef (artist & talent manager in MTV networks)

Marina’s new album appeals to me very much and I believe with such a record she will achieve success. Good production and modern sounds are a great background to this artist’s talent.

Adam Czerwiński (Music director in RMF FM)

Music pulsating with modern sounds and fresh ideas, with intriguing, full-blooded vocal. Surprising, inspiring, a hit.

Jacek Gawłowski (one of the best Polish sound directors in Poland)

An excellent music production distinguishes Marina’s record. In artistic terms, the album equals to the achievements of the world r’n’b stars. Mature vocal of Marina, modern arrangements and great lyrics make you listen to the record over and over again.

The first Single promoting the record was the composition „Electric Bass” which gained massive popularity with over 2 million hits on the official YouTube channel of the Artist and was the most frequently downloaded composition in digital music shops in Poland. The Single was broadcast by all the important music channels in Poland and was played in the radio stations country-wide and abroad.

Success of the Single:

  • 1st place in the rating of MTV MAXXX HITS
  • 1st place (the most frequently broadcast music video) in VIVA Polska TV station
  • 1st place (the most frequently broadcast music video) in 4FUN TV
  • 1st place on Hop Bęc list on the radio RMF MAXXX.
  • High ratings on the music list Hot 20 on the Radio Eska.

Marina was nominated for the Viva Comet 2012 awards in four categories:
„Artist of the Year”, „Record of the Year”, „Music Video of the Year” and „Image of the Year”

Having finished touring around the country, Marina was forced to put her music career on hold as she was diagnosed with a polyp as well as a tear in her vocal chord. Following a therapy and seeking advice from the best specialist in the world, it was clear that Marina had to undergo surgery. She flew the United States to see Dr. Steven Zeitels, the same surgent who has been looking after artists such as Adele, Sam Smith and Steven Tayler to name a few.

After the surgery, long therapy and hard work, Marina started to get her voice back and began working on new songs to make her comeback. She quickly drew attention of world class producers and songwriters who helped her to create new material.

She had recorded a number of songs with an UK based producer Pete Boxta Martin who has worked with many great artist around in Europe and Benjamin Arrow who had recently written and released a single „Running” featuring Beyonce, making him a highly respected singer/songwriter around the world.


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